My Story

I love candles and different scents so, when I was introduced to Scentsy I was immediately interested. Wickless, flameless, Soy free, and sootless!! WOW, I thought, hope it's not just another gimic. I decided to Host a party to gather more information on the product. When our lovely consultant  arrived and set up her warmers and scents, the ahh's and ooo's began. The smell of Perfectly Pomegranate lit up the basement and it was wonderful! Even my husband and 4 boys thought so! Can you say HOOKED! We leave our warmers on ALL day around here! It took me a while but, here I am to bring to you the Smell Vibes of Scentsy!

Having four boys, one of whom has Cerberal Palsy, has been a big task for this mom. Having a Home Based business has helped my husband and I out a lot!!

Some people go into Direct Sales for the money...Being apart of something that is more than a way to get money has been a great redefining path for me about the way I see direct sales. Scentsy Family is an extended family of those who truly care about each other spiritually, mentally, and physically!  The 'Rocks to Warmers'  and Scentsy Fragrance Quality' videos on Scentsy 01 YouTube page are two 'must watch' for all! I got to meet them and they are humble and grateful. I had the  awesome pleasure of attending Scentsy Convention 2012 in Las Vegas July 25-27th and it was AMAZING! My first one! Heidi and Orville have made it clear to me that they care more about us then how much we make. In Heidi's opening keynote speech she read a letter to us she wrote for her oldest daughter Sarah who is going away to college this month. It was very inspiring and the love oosed from her words. I don't think there were to many dry eyes in the room! Three things Heidi wanted Sarah to remember while at college is 1. to love yourself for who you are 2. follow your heart 3. value your heart. My ah ha moment came just now! I have been doing the first 2 but somehow forgot about the 3rd one! I value my heart! I stop and take the time to figure out what I like and don't like. She shared that with us because those are the things that she wants for us! LOVE! Scentsy Family is that!  I am thankful for the many lessons being a Scentsy Consultant has allowed me to learn.

My goals are to be the best Sponsor and mentor I can be to my team and beyond! I am going to help other men and women find financial stability while enjoying what they do.

I look forward to growing my team and raising some vibes! Growing and inspring others to do the same! It absolutely makes me cry to know that I inspire:) A happy cry because we do have them. Truly reaffirms to me how living from my heart creates genuine and true authenticity. Join my team and start building your own! Share this opportunity for growth all around your life! There is zero risk in joining! I would LOVE to have you on my team! Like me on Facebook Join my VIP Group
Your Independent Scentsy Fragrance Consultant,

Angela aka Vibe*